Catechesis Wooden 2-D Figures - Level 3

All level 3 2-dimensional wooden figures and unassembled environments for the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd atrium should be listed here. If we have missed something, please let us know!

Please see Wood Products - General Listing for more information.

Level 3 Sets include the following components:

**Sacrament insets: 7 sacrament puzzles
**Sacrament insets with backings: same set of puzzles with a backing
**Holy Bible: 3x5 inch hinged Bible (this items comes WITH the hinges already attached)

**Structure of the Mass: 54 wood rectangles (a few extras)

**Level 3 Maxims Tablets: 17 tablets and 2 plaques for the Summary of the Law
**Level 3 Maxims Cabinet: all cut pieces so you can assemble it

**Plan of God: comet/cross with base, Bible, Cosmic Cross with base, Sacrament symbols
**Cosmic Cross: not the puzzle, this one stands up - use for the *Gifts* - 3"

**Debtors: jail, 3 figures, 2 wooden bags

**People of God - wood pieces to construct it yourself

**Preface - wood pieces to construct it yourself (purchase hinges separately)

**Ark of the Covenant

**Synagogue environment
**Synagogue elements: chair, lectern, Bible, Table of Offerings, Menorah

**Wedding Feast: 10 figures
**Wedding Feast Environment: environment and table

**Typology: 2 wood tablets for the 10 Commandments

**Roman Missal/Sacramentary: 4 drawers with finger grooves; ready for *you* to assemble.

**Candle Holders: Come in pairs; sized to hold birthday candles. We do not make these at Garden of Francis, but re-sell them in tiny quantities at a reasonable price. Use for the Origins of the Eucharist, History of the Gifts Individual Strip, or anywhere birthday candle sizes are needed.

Frugal note: Most houses and scenery can be easily done with propped wood rectangles, thick cardboard, diptyhcs, triptychs or other options. We do offer unassembled houses for sale in their level-appropriate categories, as well as blank diptychs and triptychs. Diptychs and triptychs are available in the Wood Products - Remaining Figures & Materials listing.


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