SHIPPING TIMES: Orders through 1884 are shipped or will be shipped by Saturday the 25th.
Orders 1885 and forward will be shipped the week of December 11th. 6-8 weeks as stated for busier times..

Please note:
This business is run by myself and my homeschooled teenage son. We want to focus on creating your items and shipping them to you in a timely manner. I am unable to provide a specific shipment date unless you placed a rush order (which are only available upon request and ONLY when I have the time to work over-time to make it happen while not slowing down anyone else's orders); there are simply too many variables to creation times. Please see our Shipment information page to the right, for details on typical shipment times. Thank you and God bless!

Garden of Francis
Jessica Welsh
Indiana, USA

Garden of Francis: Home-centered Simplicity and Modesty, providing for YOUR family's unique needs.

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