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Montessori - Adults

Elementary Montessori Albums and Training Online --- for homeschoolers, school teachers, and anyone wanting to apply the Montessori philosophy to children ages 6-12

Please note: these elementary Montessori online courses and downloadable albums are based on AMI Montessori training, therefore includes both lower elementary Montessori *and* upper elementary Montessori.

Some information for adolescents is included as well - the Erdkinder Montessori.

What is included in the courses? At the end of the course you will have complete elementary Montessori albums, a permanent discussion community, access to a mentor throughout the course and beyond, support materials for homeschool purposes, and more! This course is highly user-driven - the needs that are expressed are the ones fulfilled :)

What is included in the albums? Each album includes as much as support information for that subject as possible. The focus is on the album pages themselves while integrating cosmic education for that subject. For online related support visit Keys of the Universe - Elementary Montessori Individual Albums Support

For more information visit Keys of the Universe - Elementary Montessori Training Online

Primary Montessori albums also available below in both print and download options. Direct online support is also available.

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