SHIPPING TIMES: Orders through 1884 are shipped or will be shipped by Saturday the 25th.
Orders 1885 and forward will be shipped the week of December 11th. 6-8 weeks as stated for busier times..


Here are a variety of homemaking supplies and resources to support your role of homemaking, from cookbooks to homemade basic soap, to items to help organize around the house.

We strive for all of our items to be as user-friendly and as customized to your needs as possible. Please contact us here.

All of our soaps are as basic as possible, with no fragrances or colors, except that which comes naturally with those particular oils. Our soaps can be used in a variety of manners, from laundry soap to dish-washing soap.

Our prayer is that your home will be as blessed as ours is, when we truly simplify and "rest in the Lord."

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