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About Us

Garden of Francis is the result of our family's goal to truly live life together, homeschooling and living out our faith.

We believe in modesty, simplicity and beauty for both boys and girls. We strive for our products to live up to this expectation in serving your own families, friends and parish communities.

Mom has:
*AMI Montessori training at both primary (2-6) and elementary (6-12) levels; and experience teaching in both schools and at home.
*Catechesis of the Good Shepherd training at all three levels (ages 3-12+) with experience at all three levels - CGS National Association recognized formation leader for CGS formation courses
*Bachelor's of Arts in Catholic Theology
*Associate's in Child Development
*Bachelor minors in business administration and child development

Montessori education comprises the majority of our homeschooling adventure, both academically and spiritually. Visit Montessori Trails to find out more about how we live out Montessori in our home.

We love to laugh and enjoy one another's company, while living and learning together, growing always in the Light that is Christ. Our prayer is that your homes will be equally as blessed.

Our Family Blog: Catholic Hearts Domestic Church

At Garden of Francis, we strive to provide the items that are so hard for our own family to find: modest clothing, educational materials, homemaking resources, Montessori materials, including special orders of any of the above - for a reasonable price.

Most of our items are made to order, but many are ready to be shipped or downloaded right away.

So why the name "Garden of Francis"?
St. Francis' life is a model of simplicity and purity; those saints who followed him are said to be in his garden. St. Francis loved, respected and cared for all of God's creation - every thing that God gave us as a *gift*.

Our hope is that our home lives can follow this model of grace and we strive to keep our business flowing from that same grace.

Store policies for our products:
We strive to only use the most natural products possible. You will find a limited number of items utilizing plastic or synthetic materials; we feel that these particular products are currently worth the use of those materials, while we continue to look for a more natural, appropriate alternative.

If you have any suggestions in this regard, we are very happy to hear them!

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Looking for an elementary Montessori homeschool course, with albums and group discussion and sharing?
Keys of the Universe is the place to visit.

Other Businesses We Support:

Below is a list of other businesses we support, either in purchases, prayers or both.

Almost all are homeschool families; many are home-based businesses. The others one way or another align with the values we hold dear at Garden of Francis.

Please consider supporting them as well.


Catholic Heritage Curricula
It is Catholic Heritage Curricula's belief that, when solid academics are offered in a gentle, flexible manner, the vast majority of children will blossom spiritually, emotionally, and academically. CHC’s educational approach lays a joyful foundation, resulting in children who achieve at and above grade level, do not ‘burn out,’ and instead ‘learn how to learn’.

Our Lady of Victory Homeschool
Religion materials use the Traditional Latin Mass
Many excellent literature selections
Handwriting books: cursive, calligraphy, italics and more

Dissection Models for Borrow
Free models for non-dissection dissection ;)


St. Clare Seeds
Specializing in Non-GMO, Non-Hybrid, Non-Treated Heirloom and Open-Pollinated Vegetable Garden Seeds

Common Sense Patterns
Modest clothing patterns available
We will happily use any pattern from this site to create an item of your choice!


In His Image Catholic Goods & Bookstore
Catholic books, statues and more

Deer Creek Design Company
Personal service for your web-developing projects

Garden of Francis Etsy Shop
Many of our products here are also offered on Etsy!

Catholic Etsy Artists - Shop Link Blog
Catholic Etsy Artists - Main Blog
Support Catholic artists on Etsy offering handmade religious and non-religious items for your home and life.

Other Businesses & Blogs that Recommend Us

4Real Homeschool Forums
Charlotte Mason-inspired Catholic homeschool discussion forums.

Kitchen Stewardship - Balancing God's Gifts... One Baby Step at a Time
Baby Steps to balancing God's gifts of your health, earth, time and money.

Catholic Icing
Free Catholic ideas for Catholic kids and families - it only concentrates on the "extras": ideas for *enhancing* your faith and making it fun for your kids, but it doesn't actually provide you will the substance your faith needs. These ideas are for after you have a solid foundation for your "Catholic Cake".

Montessori Candy
Inspiration, Information, Ideas... about doing Montessori at home and in co-op.

Eclectic Living Blog
A homeschooling mother writes about life in homeschooling, homemaking and more.

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