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Primary Montessori paper materials.... Download and print! As many copies as you need for your homeschool or classroom.

As files are ready, items will be added here.

Unless otherwise noted, all materials correspond with Keys of the World AMI albums and should be compatible with all AMI albums. The language materials correspond with the Dwyer Pamphlet as well (which summarizes the AMI primary language album).

By purchasing these downloads, you agree to use them for your own homeschool, school, co-op or otherwise-named Montessori group of children. Please be fair and honest!

If you don't see something you are seeking, please do ask so I can prioritize that item. I am also happy to modify some of the files here, or if you find any typos, I will make the correction and send you the corrected file.

NB Please note paper sizes before printing.

Cutting Papers - cut into quarter-pages after printing; the first page can be cut into strips of multiple widths for 1-snip, 2-snip, 3-snip

Until further notice, the phonetic set contains all you need except the booklets themselves. These are in-progress; if you want them, please use the contact us link on the right side of the page here, and let me know; I will get them done within a couple of days for you. :)

The 3-part cards, definitions, booklets - include a mix of plants and animals. A few items are not in every set, but the files are editable; or I can add to them upon request. Remember - not every topic should go through all the stages. These files represent what I have used for myself and/or created for others.

"Parts of..." Booklets
"Parts of..." Paper Templates
Banded Line Paper Varieties
Biological Classification Stories
Cards for 3-part and 4-part (definitions)
Flags Charts and Small Cards
Guide to Creating Word Study Charts
Nomenclature Cards - Blank (.doc format)
Phonetic Set
Phonogram & Word Study Alphabets
Phonogram Set
Puzzle Words
Sound Games
Spoken Language Templates (.doc format)

Exercises of Practical Life
Cutting Exercises

Bead Frame Paper - Small and Large
Stamp Game Paper

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Exercises of Practical Life


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