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Elementary Montessori paper materials.... Download and print! As many copies as you need for your homeschool or classroom.

As files are ready, items will be added here.

By purchasing these downloads, you agree to use them for your own homeschool, school, co-op or otherwise-named Montessori group of children - they are not to be re-sold in any format or shared without my express permission. Please be fair and honest!

Participants in our Elementary Montessori online training course are given a discount on these materials utilizing the coupon code provided in their course work - many files here are available as included in your online support if you are a Keys of the Universe discussion community participant. Again, keep it honest and fair :) NOTE also that many of these files are included free to those who have paid access to the Keys of the Universe online support.

If you don't see something you are seeking, please do ask so I can prioritize that item.

NB Please note paper sizes before printing.

The hand timeline image: print onto printable fabric or use to trace onto other white background to fuse onto your hand timeline.

The Great Lessons listed: these are the images for these particular stories, available via a .jpg download format.

MOST files here are images - for you to re-size and print according to the needs of your environment.

Research Skills is a packet of album pages and background information from the primary and elementary AMI Montessori albums to assist in assuring research skills are covered. The primary work of the elementary classroom is research. At a later date, this packet will become a small portion of the upcoming Theory Support Album.

The Word Study here includes 5 color options for the word study alphabets, as well as the word study charts needed for the Word Study chapter.

Montessori Guide Cards are intended to help guide a homeschool child through the various steps of the album pages. There is a wide variety of ways to use these cards, based on your individual situation, and they are similar in concept to Montessori Command Cards used in geography and biology. The guide cards are NOT intended to replace the albums or direct instruction from the adult - the nature of Montessori is the connection between people - the adult must present to the child, but the child can use the guide cards almost like "other children" in the environment to know what the work options and expectations are. These could be seen as similar but not identical to other sites that sell "Montessori task cards" or "Montessori work cards". These do not provide actual math problems for the children to do, but guide them to choose appropriate problems for the skill covered - the AMI way of encouraging the child to think for himself. :)

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