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Montessori Primary Albums - complete set of manuals available for instant download or a variety of print options (see individual subjects product listings for printed options). Perfect for Montessori assistants, homeschool Montessori, tutoring purposes, just plain curiosity, or those who just can't get to a full-fledged AMI training for one reason or another.

Price above is a "starting at" price - the price you pay is listed next to each album option below. Please be sure to select options before clicking "Add to Cart" or nothing will be purchased.

There are only FIVE CORE ALBUMS needed for the primary age that cover everything you need: Theory, Exercises of Practical Life, Sensorial, Language and Mathematics --- all other components (geography, culture, etc.) are included within those albums. See individual subject listings for more detailed information.

SAMPLES are available here.

If you will be working with children ages 2-5, begin with the primary Montessori albums. At age 6, you want Keys of the Universe also available here at Garden of Francis or at Keys of the Universe.

Add online support for these albums, by individual subject or the entire primary sequence. Online support includes downloadable materials, a dedicated discussion community and upcoming videos of the presentations.

Self-Paced Course:
Purchase the complete set of albums and the complete online support. The discussion community includes the information for a self-paced, self-guided course. While the course is great for anyone to follow, if you need or want a certificate of completion there will be a $50 additional fee.

See our other listings for elementary Montessori guides (albums)

Samples available at Montessori Trails

Please note: Two albums are not included in the "complete set", because if you purchase the complete set, the information is already included in the core 5 albums. These options are included for use by those who have other AMI albums (not from Keys of the World) that are missing some components, or who would like to focus on one particular subject (such as geography). Please contact me with any questions :)
--- the Geography album is a compilation of geography activities from the sensorial and language albums. If you are purchasing sensorial and language albums, you do NOT need this Geography Keys album.
--- the Sensorial Supplement is a cut-down of the sensorial album, which includes album pages possibly missing from other AMI sensorial albums; it also includes the full scope & sequence, full materials list and full appendix "language of the sensorial materials."

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