Montessori Album Scope and Sequence - Primary

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Montessori Album Scope and Sequence for both primary and elementary.

These scope and sequence files are directly correlated with the AMI albums offered through Keys of the Universe. They should provide a limited use for all AMI albums with similar tables of contents; and may be of quite limited use for some AMS and other styles of Montessori albums.

The goal of a scope and sequence is NOT to be your set-in-stone guide for what should be presented to a every child of that age; instead, it is a GUIDE - a TOOL for you the parent or new teacher to see where your 3-3 1/2 year old (or another age) is LIKELY to need new presentations.

The scope and sequence is a starting point - it organizes the presentations and every follow-up, extension and game listed in the AMI albums in such a way that you have a place to START. Coupled with CAREFUL observation of the follow-up needs of the child, you have a very useful tool at hand.

For example, the sensorial album provides for lessons that SHOULD extend from age 3 until age 5 - thus these exercises will be listed in their approximate place of use for MOST children. YOU the adult, observing the child at hand before you, will determine if the child needs more foundation first or is ready to move forward.

For each subject listing here, you will receive a zip file containing two documents: an Excel spreadsheet file which you may sort the columns as you like - looking for a specific age range or a subject area and a pdf version.

The option for Complete Set includes two files - both in pdf - both include detailed names on all exercises in all subjects: one is a map of the areas of study to show what could run parallel to what other areas; the other is the detailed Primary Intervals list, with instructions and suggested number of activities for each week.

Those who have online support for Keys of the World? Have access to ALL of these files on the discussion community, already included in the cost of online support.

The Montessori primary scope and sequence is organized into 6-month age increments.

The Montessori elementary scope and sequence is organized into 1 year age increments.

Focus on the SEQUENCE, more than the ages; but use the ages as ONE tool to determine what is likely appropriate for the child before you.

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