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Movement, Art and Music - Montessori Homeschool Guide


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Building on the foundation provided in Give the Child the Earth and Give the Child the Universe, the Movement, Art & Music Guide provides specific information on providing the Montessori lessons at both primary and elementary for activities like
  *the Silence Game
  *Walking on the Line
  *Striking the Bells
  *Creating Music
  *Language of Music
  *Drawing what you see
  *... and more

We have combined these three areas of the Montessori experience to tie together their unique spiritual qualities - God has created beauty for all of us to enjoy. These areas (silence, music and art) assist in not only understanding and appreciating that beauty but assist us in becoming co-creators in that beauty. All of the Montessori materials, when used with the right atmosphere, affect us at a spiritual level, because they are so essential and these areas are the most clear in this regard.

Music and art lessons will include appropriate language lessons, such as those on composers, artists, genres, instruments, history and development of art and music (including within the Catholic Church) and more.

Materials are not included, but guidance on where to find them IS included.

Photographs and drawings are included as appropriate to make these guides as easy as possible for a busy homeschooling parent to implement with the children.

All of our Montessori guides at the Garden of Francis are clearly, fully and solidly Catholic. Options are available for general Christian and for secular - please specify when ordering.

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