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Montessori Music - Bells Material


Wood and felt pieces for the various Montessori bells components.

Check back soon to see what we have available - if it is listed below, it is available. We have unpainted and painted wood options, as well as felt options for all that we can. If you have ideas for another version, or supplemental material, please let us know (all ideas we use receive a discount on that item).

Nomenclature and other card/booklet material will be available here as well. Please check back soon!

NOTE: We will *not* be offering the bells themselves for sale as we cannot manufacture them ourselves (how I wish we could!). Our music, movement and silence guide is correlated to the bells that are struck with a mallet hanging gently from the tips of the child's fingers, however the activities can be adapted if you are unable to purchase the Montessori bells.

Additional information:

**Green Boards are also called the Keyboards - the bells rest on them. They are sized to the traditional Montessori bells; if you need a different size, please let us know in the comments box.

**Staff Boards - the usual material is one labeled with notes and 2 boards that are unlabeled on which the child places the notes (total of 3).

**Circles for the Notes - sold in sets of 8 - your first set will be labeled with the note name on one side and the remaining sets are blank. If you are ordering painted wood or the felt, and want something different from that, please use the comments box to explain (or contact us first).

**Complete set of notes and signs - this set includes additional ledger lines, 3 sharps, 3 flats, (de)crescendos, 32 blank black notes, 32 blank white notes, 8 white notes, 8 black notes, stems for the notes, dots for dotted notes, G-clef, bass clef, and open notes (these are not actually open in the painted set, they are painted white on the inside, with a black ring)

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