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Just Plain Soap - Bars


Pure Soap - just plain soap - that's all it is. Complete soap as well - nothing has been added OR removed. Use as it is or create your own soap with your family.

Using lye and vegetable oils, animal fats or both, we have created various sized bars of literally just plain soap. This soap maintains all of its original properties, including glycerin which is removed from commercial soap. Please indicate your preference of components below.

Price is *per-bar* - each bar is 4 - 5 ounces.

This soap is perfect for using in your family's own soap creations: laundry soap, shampoos, body washes, hand-soap, etc. through a variety of methods including melt and pour and re-batching. It can also be used as a stand-alone cleaning bar.

***Can be used in the Montessori or other classrooms for the children's wash-work or a soap-making activity.***

This IS a complete soap - it is not a "glycerin-soap" - all glycerin and other components are kept together during the soap-making process, so that you are getting a truly *complete* soap. Individual Bar Soap will come in 4.0-5.5 ounce bars, individually wrapped and labeled. This packaging is best for families who wish to use the individual bars as they are, or would like each person to create their own individualized bar of soap.

Ingredients: Water; Sodium Hydroxide (lye); (choice of) vegetable or animal fat; vitamin E

YOU add the rest - whatever you like!

If you would like a specific oil or fat to be used, please indicate in the box below.
Currently our soaps use tallow (beef fat), sunflower oil, safflower oil coconut oil and soybean oils. Olive oil is available in a separate listing (see our Castile Soap listings).

Please continue to check back as we add to our soap-making supplies: molds, fragrances, oils, and essences.

***Looking for a sampler pack? Click here.***

**Click here for pre-grated soap.**


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