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All the materials you need for the core Elementary Montessori Language experiences: Word Study, Grammar, Verb Tenses and Logical Analysis

Please note that we follow the writings and teachings of Dr Maria Montessori - including her color selections for this material.
Please see "The Advanced Montessori Method, volume 2" in conjunction with an AMI Language Album for more information.

Contents include:
Word Study: Charts and cards for Suffixes, Prefixes, Compound Words, Word Families and Synonyms. Includes colored movable alphabets on tiles.
Grammar Boxes: All grammar box material you need - grammar box filler boxes AND command cards.
Verb Tenses: Cards and charts needed for Simple and Perfect Tenses, Auxilliary Verbs, Infinitve and Moods, and Negative Form of the Verb
Logical Analysis: Cards, charts and movable shapes needed for Simple Sentences, extensions, Predicates, Elliptical Sentences, Sentence Order, Verb Voice, Transitive/Intransitive Verbs, Compound and Complex Sentences. NB This material is also called Sentence Analysis and Reading Analysis.

Any printed materials you purchase are on 88lb cardstock.
Lamination is done with 3mil laminations, no borders.

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