Israel Pin Maps - Time of Jesus


Israel pin maps for the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd atrium or the Montessori classroom/homeschool. Pre-drilled holes accomodate most pins.

Sized at approximately 11x16 inches, these wooden pin maps will hold up to years of use.

At my own personal discretion, the locations on these pin maps correspond with accurate Bible atlases available anywhere; please understand, as these are drilled, they will NOT match current CGS materials manual, which place some of the locations inaccurately. If you would like to make your own and simply paste on the printed out maps from the CGS materials manual, you may purchase the plain wood below - it will have no holes drilled so that you may create your own with a drill or a hammer/nail.
Please understand, I am all over the primary level being an age of giving impressions (I am a trained Montessorian at both primary and the FULL elementary range) - but there are impressions and there is just plain inaccurate; at level 2, we provide accuracy because we want the child to be using the full atlas as part of their work. Bethlehem is 5 miles southwest of Jerusalem, not due south and NOT southeast. Portions of the Level 1 and Level 2 materials manuals are correct; other portions are not.

---Select painted, outlined, unpainted or combination. When you input a quantity number, you will receive that number of whatever you select. If you need different quantities of each item, be sure to add them to your cart according to the quantity (2 of one map, add those; 1 of a different map, add that).
---Unpainted is coated with a thin layer of polyurethane; comes with outline of the country; holes on the pin maps and dots on the controls.
---Painted is complete and ready for use (you still need to add the pins).
---Outlined: the controls are labeled; the pin-holed mutes have the indicated designs; you still need to paint and finish it off.
---Plain wood - same size as the other maps, not marked or drilled in anyway.


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