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Catechesis Wooden 2-D Figures - General Information

Wood Products - Level 1

Wood Products - Level 2

Wood Products - Level 3

Wood Products - Remaining Figures & Materials

Wood Products - Level 1 - Painted

Wood Products - Level 2 - Painted

Wood Products - Level 3 - Painted

Wood Products - Remaining Figures & Materials - Painted

The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd atrium at each level requires specific materials for figures, housing and the like. While many things can be made of cardboard, foam board or other inexpensive and easy-to-cut items, wood itself is preferred - not only for the durability but for the connection to the *real* world - God's creation.

Not every catechist has access to the necessary tools (and sometimes to time and space!) to cut every wooden piece for the atrium. Therefore we have been blessed with the opportunity to continue to offer the wood pieces here at Garden of Francis.

These wooden figures for the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd are offered with the following points in mind:

The Spirit of the Catechesis: 32 Points of Reflection
24. The tasks of the catechist include... preparing the materials oneself as much as possible while collaborating with others in areas that are beyond one's abilities

25. The reasons why the catechist is requested to make the materials with his/her hands are:

  • to absorb the content more deeply;
  • to combat hurry, consumerism and even excessive "efficiency";
  • to pace oneself more to the rhythm of the child and thus also - or so we believe - to the working of the Holy Spirit;
  • to try to reach the integration of hand, mind and heart.

All figures will come sanded, with every wood piece you'll need, but entirely unassembled, including detachment from bases. They will be ready for you to put together and paint. No hardware (hinges, etc) will be included so that you might have as much involvement in the work as possible.
Hardware: We are now offering brass hinges for sale as a separate listing.

Note on painting: They do not have to be perfect! The children will love them however you paint them! 

Montessori/CGS hint: paint markers. They come in many colors and a variety of tips. You're coloring rather than painting and it goes so much easier, faster and cleaner! We are working on reseller agreements with either Sharpie or Elmers so that we can offer them to you here at Garden of Francis.

Painting: While we cannot assemble the pieces for you, we can add painting if you absolutely cannot do it. This work will add to processing/shipping time to give time for the paint and polyurethane to dry. 

Please note: Due to the time it takes to make quality items for you and your atrium, the wood figures *may* take up to 2 months to be packaged and sent to you (in addition to shipping time). However, we usually have a 2-3 week turn around time.   

Frugal note: Most houses and scenery can be easily done with propped wood rectangles, thick cardboard, diptychs, triptychs or other options. We do offer unassembled houses for sale in their level-appropriate categories, as well as blank diptychs and triptychs. Generic (blank) diptychs and triptychs are available in the Wood Products - Remaining Figures & Materials listing.


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