Catechesis Wooden 2-D Figures - Level 1 - Painted

The spirit of CGS is for the catechist and community to participate in the material-making on as deep of a level as possible. For those situations where this will prove impossible, we offer these painted figures, which will add to processing/shipping time and cost.

Level 1 Sets include the following pieces as noted:
**Merchant (1 figure)
**Good Shepherd - Basic: Tall Good Shepherd, 10 Sheep, Pasture/Sheepfold (you add fencing of choice - rocks are nice!)
**Good Shepherd - Eucharistic Presence: Local Figures & Priest, Small Good Shepherd, Altar, Church Base
**Good Shepherd Figures - all figures without the pasture
**Eucharistic Presence Figures - all figures without the church base or altar
Beginning with all orders placed September 3, 2012 and later: Eucharistic Presence figures are similar but not identical to those in the materials manual.
**Basic Cenacle - this is a basic cenacle of my own design with a base, three walls, movable table and a reversible rear image. This set does not include the storage drawer. 18 inches wide (size can be adjusted upon request) --- please indicate if you would like terra cotta or gray stone paint ---
**Regions Puzzle Map of Israel - you add the knobs of your choice
The pieces included are: each of the 4 regions and each of the 3 bodies of water - total of 7 pieces. If you would prefer any combination of the water to be combined, please note in comments. Some like to have all 3 connected to one another; some prefer to have the Jordan River connected with Peraea.
**Candle Holders: Come in pairs; sized to hold birthday candles. We do not make these at Garden of Francis, but re-sell them in tiny quantities at a reasonable price. Use for the Cenacle (Last Supper, Pentecost), or anywhere birthday candle sizes are needed. PAINTED: gold or terra-cotta - please tell us when you order.

Need just a few parts of a set? Use the Contact Us link to tell us what you need - and we'll help you order it on our "Replacement Parts" page.

Please see Wood Products - General Listing for more information.


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