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Our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd 3-dimensional figures are made of an inner frame and an outer layer of plaster cloth.

Size: The figures are 4-4.5 inches tall.

You can choose to have them glazed or unglazed. They can be painted or unpainted.

Please choose the sets you would like to order. Use the comments box to provide any additional information we can use to assure you get the figures you want. The quantity box indicates the number of each set you would like.

Secret of frugality: For the infancy narratives, our recommendation is to use various nativity sets picked up from donations, Goodwill or other places. Mix and match pieces for each scene. Two of my trainers pointed out something very interesting: keep Mary the *same* (clearly the same woman) in all infancy narrative sets within an atrium space OR keep all the Marys entirely different (as various representations of what Mary could have looked like). Don't make two match and the other 3 different.

We do offer just a baby Jesus in the manger (removable baby).

For the Adoration of the Magi, the absolute BEST Mary & Child we have found is a figure from Fontannini (which we are trying access wholesale).

The Presentation in the Temple is the tricky one to piece together cheaply and the most fun for us to make ;) If you decide to order from us, please indicate in the comments section if you would like us to include the basket of the offering for Joseph to carry, or if you will be providing that piece and what it is like so we can make the figure appropriate for it.

Flight into Egypt: Fontannini also carries a one-piece figure of this image, which we are also trying to obtain as an additional option to our clay version.

The Cenacle figures will come to you painted or unpainted as you like; you may choose to add symbols to them or the apostles' names to the underside for the level 2 children.

Please choose the Empty Tomb figures according to the Scripture you will use in your atrium. The version enclosed in our Scripture booklets is from Matthew.

The Empty Tomb figures:
Matthew - 2 women, angel, 2 guards, Jesus
Mark - 3 women, angel
Luke - 3 women, 2 angels
John - 1 woman, 2 men, Jesus
Interchangable Set - 3 women, 2 angels, Jesus, 2 men, 2 guards

If we have missed any figures, or if there is anything we can make for you, please Contact Us!

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